Buyer Service Realty works with national and local companies to place homebuyers:

  • who may not qualify for a traditional bank loan, but are ready to buy a home
  • who want to live in the home and community they select, not just choose from a handful of company-owned homes
  • who want to start building their own future, instead of just making their landlord rich

Take a look at our No More Rent program and simple process for getting into your own home. Then complete the Preliminary Information Form. Or, keep paying rent and making your landlord rich. It’s your call.

Helping Renters Become Owners

Through its No More Rent Program, Buyer Service Realty serves as your agent to locate and deal with reputable private organizations, which provide homes through their own lease option or rent-to-own agreements. While each company has its own approach and agreements to offer, the advantages of the rent-to-own or lease option are well known.

Want to learn more about the benefits of rent-to-own and leasing? CLICK HERE.